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The great North Korean picture show – video

Behind the scenes of the propaganda movie industry: documentary film-makers Lynn Lee and James Leong followed the making of an anti-Japanese propaganda movie meant to glorify North Korea’s 50 year-old Songun or ‘military first’ campaign. These excerpts from their documentary, The Great North Korean Picture Show, reveal the determination of cast and crew to please the Pyongyang regime. Read more →


Millions of North Korean children suffering from malnutrition, says UN

Nearly a third of children under five show signs of stunted development because of food scarcity, according to agency Millions of North Korean children are not getting the food, medicine or healthcare they need to develop physically or mentally, leaving many stunted and malnourished, the United Nations has said. Nearly a third of children under five show signs of stunting,… Read more →


UN warns of children in peril in North Korea’s ‘worst drought in 100 years’

Urgent action needed to save children’s lives says UNICEF as failures of early-harvest crops of wheat and barley loom A serious drought in North Korea requires urgent action to prevent the deaths of children already weakened by widespread malnutrition, the United Nations children’s fund, UNICEF, warned on Thursday. “The situation is urgent,” said UNICEF east Asia regional director Daniel Toole… Read more →